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Authentic Vintage Jeep Parts

Army Jeep Parts Inc. (AJP) is one of the oldest suppliers of vintage WW2 vehicle components and military Jeep parts in the restoration and collector hobby today. Army Jeep hobbyists and enthusiasts have trusted our team for decades to provide them with only the highest-quality vintage Jeep parts for their restoration projects.

Discover a superior range of Willys Jeep parts that effortlessly blend quality with affordability. Our comprehensive selection will meet even the most stringent standards, guaranteeing compatibility with a variety of Willys Jeep models. Whether you're looking for military Jeep parts to restore your classic military vehicle to its former glory or Willys Jeep replacement parts to ensure your beloved Jeep remains roadworthy, our commitment to excellence ensures you'll find exactly what you need.

Our parts mirror the original design and ensure an impeccable fit. Don't compromise on quality; choose our Willys Jeep parts. We're here to help you keep your Jeep's legacy alive. We’ll go to great lengths to find the right used vintage Jeep parts. Additionally, we will even manufacture them when necessary to get the job done. That way, we can find you the best Willys Jeep parts for sale.

Contact us today and get the right Willys Jeep parts to give new life to your project.

The Jeep Story

The Jeep legend began in the early days of World War II. The US Army needed a reliable quarter-ton reconnaissance vehicle that was custom-tailored to their specifications. The auto manufacturer, Bantam Car Company, answered the call and delivered a prototype vehicle to the army in just 75 days. The Willys-MB was used extensively across every division of the American military and even found its way into the hands of other members of the Allied Forces.

The Willys, which came to be widely known by their nickname, “Jeep,” was crafted to such a high level of reliability that they withstood nearly anything that was thrown at them. Beginning in the 1970’s, clubs such as the Military Vehicle Collector Club formed to support enthusiasts who collected and restored Jeeps and other military vehicles. This movement was key in helping to preserve these pieces of history and share their stories, and that passion is reflected in our selection of authentic vintage Jeep restoration parts. The team at Army Jeep Parts helps these enthusiasts by providing them with high quality vintage Jeep parts. That way, they can restore and rebuild these vehicles to continue sharing them for decades to come. Browse the vintage parts for sale at Army Jeep Parts to find authentic components for your restoration. 

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Authentic Army Jeep Parts

Our Mission

Est. 1973, we’re one of the oldest parts and service suppliers for vintage military Jeeps. We’ve developed an industry reputation founded on delivering only the highest-quality army Jeep parts online and performing master restoration, and are proud to be one of the few full-service shops in the United States.

Taking pride in our passion and expertise, we rebuild and restore Jeeps fully or partially, focusing on the reproduction or remanufacting of mechanical components and non-mechanical accessories in-house (excluding engines, which we have serviced at a highly skilled local repair shop).

The Pros Your Willys Needs

Located in Levittown, PA, our team has a 17,000 sq. ft. facility for warehousing, rebuilding, and shipping quality Willys Jeep parts, and is proud to be one of the few dealers in the U.S. offering
a full-service shop. When looking for the expert-level vehicle rebuilds, don’t hesitate to contact our crew today!

Army Jeep Parts Online Inventory

Our store inventory of Willys army Jeep parts online includes parts for models such as:

Besides the Jeep parts for sale, we also stock GCI paint, kits, parts for T3 trailers and other bolt-on Willys accessories.

Shipping Your Willys Parts

At Army Jeep Parts, we ship our online inventory throughout the US and worldwide, offering shipping service from UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Many parts can be shipped overnight, but products such as paint are standard shipping only.

We ship all items from our facility in Levittown, Pennsylvania.

MV Services

We provide technical assistance to WW2 military vehicle hobbyists who want help with selecting parts or troubleshooting any issues. We offer these services free of charge, even for those who do not make a purchase.

Besides advice, we offer rebuilding and repair services for a range of mechanical components, including:

We also repair and rebuild transfer cases as well as front and rear axles.

Order WW2 Army Jeep Parts Online Today

When you purchase parts for sale from our online store, rest assured that you’re getting some of the highest-quality parts in the restoration and collector hobby.

Take your Jeep to the next level. As you buy parts for your WW2 Jeep restoration project, trust Army Jeep Parts for premier quality and service. Place your order or call us today!

History of AJP

David Uhrig and Howard Dunseth founded Army Jeep Parts, Inc. in Chillicothe, OH in 1973. The current president, George Baxter, purchased AJP in 1989 and moved the company to eastern Pennsylvania, later moving it to our current location in Levittown, PA in 2006.

George bought his first Jeep when he was just 12 years old, has been an MVPA member for over 40 years, and is Association’s Tech Advisor on MBs and GPWs. His personal collection includes a 1941 MB slat grille, an ‘45 MB, and an M100 trailer.

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