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Find high-quality Bantam T3 trailer parts today at Army Jeep Parts. Classic trailer components can degrade in quality over time if they don’t receive proper care. Luckily, the right replacement parts can revitalize your trailer. The Bantam T3 contains many components, and it is quite problematic when one or more is broken. So what problem are you facing with your classic trailer right now? Our T3 parts available online include front shock absorbers, landing legs, combat wheels and nuts, and more. You can even find heavy-duty grease in our inventory below. Check out these Bantam T3 trailer parts so that you can find what’s missing from your trailer and solve the issue swiftly.

T3 Military Jeep Trailer Parts For Sale Online

When Army Jeep Parts went into business in 1973, the company aimed to help the military vehicle restoration hobby thrive across the globe. George Baxter took over ownership in 1989 and continues to make that vision a reality. Army Jeep Parts is a trusted resource hobbyists count on for authentic military vehicle parts and technical assistance in the restoration process.

We are the best place to begin any project, whether it’s rebuilding an entire Jeep or fine-tuning a historic World War II T3 utility trailer.

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We’ve grown into one of the nation’s largest providers of military Jeep parts in the nation because we’re committed to finding and stocking the best authentic MV parts on the market. If you’ve been struggling to find a particular part to complete the restoration of your T3 trailer, come to us first. If we don’t have the part in our 17,000-square-foot warehouse in Levittown, PA, we’ll make sure to locate it for you.

Our facility houses parts for some of the most famous military vehicles in world history, but we pay just as much attention to lesser-known historical military artifacts, such as the T3 trailer. From paneling for the trailer floor to shock absorbers to the “Lunette Eye” that attached the T3 trailer to the vintage vehicle’s pintle hook, we’re proud to provide a comprehensive catalog of trailer parts for the T3 as well as the following military trailers:

  • MBT trailers
  • T3C trailers
  • M100 trailers
  • M416 trailers

Whether you’re restoring a trailer or rebuilding an entire World War II-era military Jeep, we’ve got you covered.

History of the T3 Trailer

When the Jeep was first developed for use in the military during World War II, the Willys MB and the Ford GPW were the primary vehicles used in combat. These Jeeps provided an effective way to move soldiers and weaponry from camp to battlefield and back, but cargo trailers were necessary to transport bigger loads. That’s where the T3 came in.

Willys made the quarter-ton MBT trailer, while Bantam, located in Butler, PA, manufactured the nearly identical T3 utility trailer. An estimated 74,000 T3 models were produced and carried essential supplies to troops in the early to mid-1940s.

Restoration Services for Your T3 Trailer, and More

Restoring a military Jeep and its accessories is a rewarding process, but it can also be challenging and time-consuming. Army Jeep Parts is here to help you enjoy every step of the journey. Whether you’re struggling to find the right spring or tail light bracket to complete your project, or you’d prefer to let our experts handle the rebuild of your T3 trailer, we welcome any challenge. If you’re already thinking ahead to your next project, our warehouse also can provide the following:

After you purchase a vintage military Jeep, make us your next stop. Working together, we’ll restore your piece of history to its former glory and enjoy every second of it.

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