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As the oldest supplier of Gillespie Coatings Willys Jeep Paint, you can count Army Jeep Parts for GCI military paint colors used on military vehicles during WWII and onward. If you’re a collector of vintage military vehicles, you likely understand that the importance of upkeep and maintenance cannot be overlooked, especially when it comes to vehicle paint. Not only do you want your vehicle to run properly, but the paint quality and finish are also priorities in keeping the exterior body materials protected from the elements. Our quality Gillespie Coating Willys Jeep paint will do just that. From classic olive drab to light stone, we have just the vehicle paint color you need.

At AJP, we carry a full line of military vehicle paint from Gillespie Coatings, the leading military paint manufacturer for authentic finishes. Gillespie Coatings manufactures their product to the Fed Std Mil-spec 595 codes. All of their paints are synthetic enamels, and none of them are actual CARC paints; instead, they match color codes. 

Why We Use Gillespie Coatings Paint

GCI paint is not only high-quality, but it’s also the oldest and most trusted, serving collectors of military vehicles around the world for decades. AJP uses only Gillespie Coatings paint, offered both in spray cans and gallons for all of your military vehicle painting needs. As of 2017, AJP does all spray can fillings in-house. We stock 13 different Gillespie Coatings paints in gallons and aerosol cans. Filling our own spray cans allows us higher quality control and quicker turnaround times on production. In-house production also allows us to do short custom colors runs. 

Painting Tips:

Keep it clean, take your time, and enjoy yourself. Be safe and wear your respirator! 

Reduce Gillespie Coatings with an Enamel Reducer

AJP recommends reducing Gillespie Coatings paint with a synthetic or Acrylic enamel reducer. This is accomplished at a ratio of 3:1, paint to reducer. Most big brands sell these reducers, such as NAPA or PPG. In some states, these reducers are no longer available. In such cases, you can use mineral spirits or one of the chemicals listed on the can.

The Brand Matters

Take note of the brand of spray paint you use for vehicle markings. Some brands use a propellant that may not be compatible with the base enamel coat. This incongruity will cause the base coat to lift or crinkle, ruining hours of hard work. Always do a test spray if not sure.

Use a Spray Gun

Most customers today use HVLP spray guns, which are very user-friendly. You don't need a high-end HVLP gun to spray GCI paints efficiently. At AJP, we recommend a good quality primer gun when using any of the GCI colors or primer. For further questions regarding these tips or our selection of military vehicle paint that’s for sale, please contact us. 

Colors in Stock:

  • Red oxide III — Primer. Reddish brown, Zinc rich, rust-inhibitive paint. This is a great primer & very close to what was used in the ‘40s through the ‘70s. Much better than Rustoleum. 
  • AJP — WWII Semi-Gloss (1944-1957)
  • 319 — WWII, Lusterless / Flat (1941-1944)
  • 24087 — Semi-Gloss (1957 to present)
  • 24052 — Semi-Gloss (Korea to Vietnam)
  • 30277 — Lusterless Desert Sandust (1970 to through Desert Storm I equipment)
  • 33070 — WWII Lusterless (1942-1945)
  • 34052 — WWII USMC Lusterless Forest Green
  • 34079 — Lusterless Forest Green (1970 to present)
  • 33446 — Lusterless CARC Tan (all equipment)
  • 34094 — Lusterless CARC Green Substitute (1983 to present)
  • 30051 — Lusterless CARC Brown Substitute (1983 to present)
  • 911 — Special flat black used on 3 & 4 color camo patterns

Not only do we have WW2 Willys paint and GCI paint for various models of vintage Jeeps, but we are also the leading supplier of Jeep parts. We carry an assortment of:

As well as parts for M151A1, M151A2, T3 trailer, and GPW.

After you’ve repaired the mechanical aspects of your Jeep, continue to improve the appearance of your vintage ride with GCI military paints from AJP. We understand the importance of vintage vehicle restoration, which is why we are always available for further assistance. Contact us today to get started!