Transmission Repair Services

Our Professional transmission services start with the knowledge, experience, and the use of quality parts in our repairs. Many of these transmissions were manufactured 50-70 years ago and can look like they cannot be repaired, but at AJP, we have been repairing and restoring these transmissions for over 30 years.

AJP has the knowledge and experience to find issues such as these chewed gears, and repair them like new.

AJP has the correct, quality parts to bring a transmission back to factory level. Many of these mechanics are now retired, and in town tranny shops do not know the parts or even know how to do a repair correctly.

mechanic taking apart and repairing a vehicle transmission

AJP repair/restore will bring your Military Vehicle back to fully restored stated with the correct parts so that your Jeep will run without issue.

AJP stands by every transmission rebuild/restore we service. We guarantee you will be satisfied with this service.

The transmission in your military vehicle was most likely built and manufactured 50-70 years ago. Because of its age, the parts and repairs take a lot of expertise to handle and complete. At Army Jeep Parts, we have been restoring and repairing transmissions in military vehicles since 1973. Our mechanics are the ones you should allow and trust to repair and restore your military vehicle.

We carry compatible and quality parts to complete all transmission repair services big and small, and we’re committed to bringing your military vehicle back to factory standards. Many mechanics who worked on the original army vehicles are now retired, and most transmission shops do not know the parts and knowledge it takes to correctly repair a military vehicle that’s 50-70 years old.

At Army Jeep Parts, we stand by every transmission rebuild and restoration, and we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the final results.

Military Vehicle (MV) Services

In addition to our transmission repair services, we also offer:

  • Carburetor Repair Services - We only use professional quality parts to restore and repair carburetors in our shop. Many times, restoring an old military jeep carburetor requires a few NOS parts to make the carburetor original. Our carburetor repair services help you achieve your goal of originality.

  • Fuel Pump Repair Services - We completely repair and restore fuel pumps for all Jeeps. You can send your fuel pump to us, and we can rebuild it correctly and efficiently.

  • Steering Box Repair Services - Our mechanics also repair and restore steering boxes for all Jeeps. Send in your steering box and we can rebuild it.

At Army Jeep Parts, we do not rebuild engines. We believe that Jeep engine rebuilds are best done at a machine shop local to you. If you’re local to Bucks County, we recommend sending your engine to L and M Machine in Hatboro, PA or Speed Equipment in Bensalem, PA.

About Army Jeep Parts

Since 1973, Army Jeep Parts has been one of the leading suppliers of parts and transmission repair services for vintage military jeeps. We make every effort to only stock the best components available, and we go to great lengths to either find or manufacture parts when needed. AJP rebuilds carburetors, performs transmission repair services, fixes transfer cases, fuel pumps, steering boxes, front & rear axles, and much more. We want all collectors to know that we are not just about selling parts, but we are also a technical resource to aid in making your restoration projects go as smoothly as possible.

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Army Jeep Parts looks forward to bringing your Military Jeep back to life and having it run without any issues. Call our shop or email us explaining your repair or restoration needs. We’ll be more than happy to quote turnaround times and parts availability and cost. No project is too complex for us!