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Parts for Your M151A1 Military Jeep Restoration Project

For more than three decades, U.S. troops rode into battle in M151A1 Military Jeeps. Hobbyists looking to repair or restore these vintage vehicles need look no further than Army Jeep Parts for the genuine M151A1 parts they need to complete their project.

As one of the oldest suppliers of military Jeep parts in the nation, we’ve spent decades building a reputation for the highest-quality parts and service. We’re ready to assist in any way we can to get your M151A1 military Jeep back in working order.

Browse Our Fully-Stocked Inventory of M151A1 Military Jeep Parts

We maintain a 17,000-square-foot facility in Levittown, PA, that’s dedicated to assisting the highest-level military Jeep rebuilds in our industry. At Army Jeep Parts, you can find all the M151A1 parts you need, get your questions answered or hand over the restoration to our experts.

Below you’ll find a list of the M151A1 parts we carry in our warehouse. We have a full selection of parts within each category.

  • M151A1 Engine
  • M151A1 Clutch
  • M151A1 Fuel
  • M151A1 Exhaust
  • M151A1 Cooling
  • M151A1 Electrical
  • M151A1 Transmission
  • M151A1 Transfer case
  • M151A1 Propeller Shafts
  • M151A1 Front Axle
  • M151A1 Rear Axle
  • M151A1 Brakes
  • M151A1 Wheels
  • M151A1 Steering
  • M151A1 Frame
  • M151A1 Springs Shocks
  • M151A1 Body and Mis

No matter what you need to make your M151A1 restoration project complete, for the inside or the outside of the vehicle, we are glad to provide it. Contact us before you start your project.

The History of the ‘MUTT’

Hobbyists know the M151A1 as a staple of U.S. Army life during the Cold War and Vietnam War eras, as well as part its role as the last generation of military Jeeps before the Humvee went into battle. At Army Jeep Parts, we’re pleased to see military history come to life with the restoration of these vehicles.

Commonly referred to as a MUTT, or Military Tactical Truck, the versatile, quarter-ton M151A1 was manufactured by Kaiser Jeep and Ford Motor Companies from 1959 until 1982 as part of an overhaul of the M38 military Jeeps used in the Korean War.

Significant features of the new M151 series included:

  • Horizontal grill
  • Independent suspension with coil springs
  • Four-speed transmission with low first and reverse gears
  • Unibody construction
  • Roomier interior, big enough for four soldiers
  • Turn signals mounted on the front fenders

The M151A1 was an upgrade of its predecessor, the M151, but still suffered
from rear suspension design which lead to roll over tendencies if not respected. Although production of the MUTTs ended in the early 1980s, the vehicles continued to see service in the Gulf War a decade later.

Your Source for M151A1 Parts, Restoration Services and More

We understand the passion and commitment that goes into restoring an M151A1 military Jeep, and we applaud and support your efforts. If you hit a roadblock anywhere in the process, needing one additional bolt to get the M151A1 engine running, we’re here to help. We also can lend a skilled hand to the project if you need some extra manpower.

In addition to M151A1 parts, we stock the following military Jeep parts to assist with your next restoration project:

We are proud to be a trusted source for genuine, quality M151A1 Parts and to serve hobbyists with the materials, expertise and renovation assistance they need to restore their vintage vehicles. Start your project here and know you’re on the road to a fully-functional military Jeep.

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