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Founded in 1973 and under current ownership since 1989, Army Jeep Parts is dedicated to supplying authentic, quality military Jeep parts to hobbyists. We’re a leading resource for military Jeep enthusiasts across the nation, who come to us not just for help restoring vintage vehicles, but also for crucial military Jeep accessories.

Your search for genuine M416 parts for sale online starts, and ends, here.

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We’re one of the largest providers of military Jeep parts in the nation, so no matter how scarce a part might seem, we’re likely to have it in our 17,000-square-foot warehouse — or we will find it for you.

Our facility in Levittown, PA, houses everything from tires to brake parts to shock absorbers to lights for your M416 military Jeep trailer. In addition to M416 parts for sale online, we have a full inventory of parts for the M151 military Jeep, the Vietnam War-era vehicle that towed the M416 to bring cargo into battle.

Whether you’re restoring just the trailer or the entire ensemble, start your project by contacting us.

The History of the M416 Jeep Trailer

Jeep cargo trailers were a vital part of U.S. military campaigns, beginning in 1940 with World War II, and as military vehicles received upgrades, so did the trailers. With the advent of the quarter-ton M38 military Jeep came the M100 trailer, used throughout the Korean War conflict but rendered obsolete when military Jeeps received a complete overhaul in the Vietnam era.

To make it compatible with the new M151 series of military Jeeps, the M416 trailer was designed with square fenders, a change from the rounded fenders on earlier models. These trailers remained in service throughout the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, even as the M151 series of military Jeeps evolved to include the M151A1 and M151A2 models.

As a leading provider of M416 parts for sale online, we join you in celebrating the history of this key military Jeep accessory. Bring your M416 trailer by our shop to have it fitted for a specific part, or to consult with our experts regarding any restoration challenge.

Restoration Services for Your M416 Military Jeep Trailer and Much More

Restoring a military Jeep and its accessories can be a long, challenging process, but Army Jeep Parts knows the journey is worthwhile. We’re here to help every step of the way, whether you find yourself struggling to find the right bracket or brake shoe to complete the restoration, or you want to turn the project over to our experts. Our selection of genuine, high-quality parts extends beyond M416 parts for sale online. Our warehouse inventory also includes:

We are the first stop for hobbyists after they purchase a vintage military Jeep, and we are ready to take on your next restoration challenge.

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