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During and after the Korean War, the WWII, M38, and M38A1 Jeeps were common battlefield tools for the military. After the Korean War, Jeep innovations continued, resulting in the creation of the M151 Military Utility Tactical Truck (MUTT.) Ford designed this MUTT to replace the M38A1 models successfully. Thanks to its place in Jeep history and 25 years of production, many restoration enthusiasts choose to revitalize classic M151 models. Check out the pages below to find essential M151 Jeep parts for sale so that you can pull off restorations with authenticity and reliability. If you have any additional questions about our selection of military MUTT Jeep M151 parts, feel free to reach out to Army Jeep Parts for help.

Authentic M151 Parts

Army Jeep Parts (AJP) offers the authentic M151 parts you need to restore your vehicle. As one of the oldest suppliers of services and parts in the U.S. for all types of vintage military Jeeps, we offer the full range of parts needed for your M151.

Besides the M151, our inventory includes parts for models such as:

A History of the M151

Unlike a lot of other Jeep military models, the M151 was never produced until well after WWII. Ford released the Military Utility Tactical Truck (the M151 “MUTT”) in 1960 during the Vietnam War. The M151 and its later versions served in frontline and secondary American military roles well into the 1980s, later being mostly phased out in favor of the Humvee.

Due to the M151’s small size, the Marines continued to deploy this model as a Fast Attack Vehicle until 1999. The M151 also became a popular military vehicle in at least 15 NATO countries and various non-NATO countries, such as Israel, Pakistan, and Egypt.

The M151 is distinct from previous models, like the M38 and M38A1, in three notable ways:

  • The M151 did not have a separate frame, instead having its box frame rails integrated into the M151 body (unibody construction). This allowed for higher ground clearance, a lower center of gravity, and a slightly roomier interior.
  • The M151 boasted independent suspension with coil springs. With this new suspension design, the M151 was capable of high-speed, cross-country travel with high agility, and maneuverability.
  • All basic maintenance and repairs could be done out in the field with a minimal toolkit. It is said you can fix anything in the M151 with a 0.5” open/box end wrench, a screwdriver, and some wire.

Our M151 Parts

Army Jeep Parts is your source for M151 parts, including parts such as:

Order from AJP

Besides M151 exhaust and parts for your restoration project, AJP is a full-service shop with over 40 years of experience in producing high-level rebuilds, serving as a technical resource to ensure your restoration project goes smoothly.

Centered in Levittown, PA, our team has a 17,000 sq. ft. facility where we warehouse, restore, and ship authentic M151 parts and more. We are proud to be among the few dealers in the United States offering a full-service shop. We restore and rebuild all major components in-house, except engines which we send to a highly qualified local shop for rebuilding. When seeking the highest level of rebuilds in the industry, AJP is your source.

We look forward to helping you with your restoration project for your vintage military Jeep. To find out more about our M151 parts and how we can help with your latest project, contact our team today.

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