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The Jeep's legacy began in World War II—but the achievements didn't end there. In 1949, Willys started development of five proto-type M38s as the successors to the legendary WWII Jeep. This new model showcased improved technology, such as a 24v waterproof electrical system. Very few M38s actually saw combat in Korea (WWII Jeeps were the most common) but the M38s place in history is still very secure, making it highly sought after by many Jeep collectors.

For this reason, we have an extensive range of quality M38 Jeep parts for sale. Whether you need components for the brakes, engines, axles, body, or another area entirely, you can find them below. Don't hesitate to contact Army Jeep Parts if you have any additional questions about our selection of M38 Jeep parts for sale.

M38 Parts For Sale

When our troops joined the fight against communism in Korea, some did it behind the wheel of the new Willys M38 Military Jeep. And, even though this legendary freedom-fighter has been out of production for more than half a century, it is still very much alive today, thanks to hobbyists like you.

Browse Our Fully-Stocked Inventory of M38 Military Jeep Parts D+ Our 17,000-sq. ft. warehouse in Bristol, PA is home to one of the largest military jeep parts inventories anywhere in the country. Here, we house everything from fuel parts for your M38 to accessories you’ll need to begin your next project – especially if that project is an M38 restoration and you need parts for its body.

Let us use the following list to show you a bird’s-eye-view of our M38 military jeep parts inventory. Note that each of the following items is a category that contains numerous parts.

- M38 Engine
- M38 Clutch
- M38 Fuel
- M38 Exhaust
- M38 Cooling
- M38 Electrical
- M38 Transmission
- M38 Transfercase
- M38 Propeller Shafts
- M38 Front Axle
- M38 Rear Axle
- M38 Brakes
- M38 Wheels
- M38 Steering
- M38 Frame
- M38 Springs Shocks
- M38 Body and Misc

As you can see, it doesn’t matter if your M38 needs fuel parts or an engine: We’ve got you covered.

Located in Levittown, PA, we have a 17,000 sq. ft. facility where our team warehouses and rebuilds and ships quality MB GPW parts and more. We are proud to be one of the few dealers in the country that offers a full-service shop. All major components are rebuilt and restored in-house, except engines which are rebuilt by a highly qualified local shop. When searching for the highest level of rebuilds in the industry, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How a Civilian Vehicle Became a Battlefield Companion

The history behind each iteration in the lineage of our military’s jeeps is fascinating, as you know. But there is a case to be made that the M38’s origins are special, given that it was born from a civilian model that was itself the descendant of a military reconnaissance vehicle. To us, these are the most significant improvements and parts that first appeared on the M38 military jeep:

  • One-piece foldable windshield
  • Bottom-mounted vacuum wipers
  • Lifting shackles front rear
  • True deep water fording capacity
  • Mounted axe and shove (“pioneer tools”) on the passenger side
  • Bigger tires (7:00X16) NDCC design
  • 24 volt waterproof electric system with two batteries
  • Tougher suspension and frame
  • Heavy duty Model 44 Dana rear axle
  • Removable instrument panel

Using its civilian sister, the CJ-3A, as a blueprint, Willys sought to produce a battle-ready, water-fording vehicle that could withstand the punishment of war in a Korean theatre. To achieve that objective, the team behind the M38 equipped it to not only be a perfect fit for its wartime purpose, but – whether purposefully or not – they also gave it features that set the stage for the jeep’s next evolution.

Restoration Services and More for Your M38 Military Jeep

Restoring an M38 military jeep is a bold endeavor – and we are help you have a great experience as you undertake it. If you find yourself stuck with an unfinished M38 engine, unable to find a part, or you just want to hire someone who can bring your vision to life, look no further. In fact, we have a warehouse full of other military jeep parts you might want to consider for your next project, such as:

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