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The M38 is a famous military Jeep from the Korean War. Despite its impressive attributes, there was room to improve this Jeep’s design. Thus, Willys carefully designed the M38A1, showcasing an all-new modern design with a larger interior and comfortable seating. Furthermore, the M38A1 housed the impressive Hurricane F-134 engine, which produced 10 Hp more than its predecessor. This design went on to become the now famous CJ5 with decades of production making it one of the longest continuously produced automotive models of all time! Below, you'll find a wide variety of M38A1 military Jeep parts for sale, including engine, transmission, brake components and much more. If you need further assistance navigating our selection of M38A1 military Jeep parts, reach out to Army Jeep Parts today.

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Look no further than AJP for M38A1 parts for a repair or restoration. As one of America’s oldest suppliers of services and parts for all kinds of vintage military Jeeps, we offer the full range of components that you need for your M38A1.

Founded in 1973, AJP carries compatible, high-quality parts to complete any restoration project, and we are committed to returning your military vehicle to factory standards. Many mechanics who worked on classic army vehicles have retired, and most shops do not have the parts and knowledge needed to correctly repair a military Jeep that is many decades old.

At Army Jeep Parts, we stand by every rebuild and restoration we do, and we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the final outcome.

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At Army Jeep Parts, you’ll find all the parts you need to bring your M38A1 up to the highest standards, providing parts necessary for:

  • M38A1 body
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  • And other M38A1 Jeep parts for sale online

In addition to the M38A1, you can also get all the replacement hardware you need through AJP for parts such as:

A History of the M38A1

The M38A1 was a 4-wheel drive light utility vehicle. Made by Willys Overland and Willys Motors/Kaiser Jeep from 1952-1971, the M38A1 was widely used by the US military from 1952-1957 and was afterward bought by the Marine Corps and exported to foreign governments until the end of production.

With over 100,000 units made during production, the M38A1 was the second post-war evolution of the World War II Willys MB Jeep (after the M38 or MC), and the first Willys Jeep to feature the new rounded fenders and hood body design that would eventually become the CJ5, carrying on in the CJ6, CJ7, and CJ8 Jeeps.

In contrast to the M38, the M38A1 was designed not only with round front fenders but a contoured hood, top-mounted windshield wipers, and two-piece windshield, and was outfitted with the 4-134 F engine and T90 transmission. Compared with its civilian CJ5 counterpart, the M38A1 featured a stronger frame and suspension, and a 24-volt waterproof electrical system.

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Est. 1973, Army Jeep Parts has been one of the leading suppliers of vintage parts and repair services for vintage military and civilian Jeeps. Our team strives to only stock the best components on the market, and we make every effort to either find or manufacture all necessary parts.

We want all collectors and hobbyists to know that we do more than just sell parts. Our team is also a technical resource to help in making your restoration projects as successful as possible.

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Our team AJP looks forward to helping you with your repair or restoration project. For more information about what Army Jeep Parts can do for your WW2 Jeep, contact our crew today either online or by giving our team a call!

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