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M100 Jeep Trailer Parts

We have M100 Jeep trailer parts online right now to get an authentic, reliable experience from the machine. The original parts may wear over time, but you can replace them to get the trailer functioning once again. The M100 Jeep trailer parts in our online shop resurrect classic trailer, but all replacements require a unique assessment and solution.

Once you know what’s missing from your trailer, check out the M100 trailer parts below to find your solution. Anytime you need to fix a classic trailer, you can always turn to our extensive inventory for assistance. We can also help you rebuild T3s, M38s, and many more Jeep models whenever necessary.

High-Quality M100 Parts

For over 40 years, AJP has offered only the highest-quality M100 trailer parts. Whether you're interested in restoring your trailer or looking for the right trailer accessory, you won’t find a better partner than Army Jeep Parts for M100 parts and vintage Jeep restoration.

Army Jeep Parts is one of the oldest suppliers of military trailer parts and accessories in the hobbyist industry. If you are a collector of vintage military vehicles, the upkeep and maintenance of accessories cannot be overlooked. Not only should your vehicle run properly, but items such as the trailer should also be in excellent working condition. When renovating your iconic vehicle, fully restoring your Jeep trailer will go a long way.

History of the M100 Trailer

When the U.S. Army finally settled on a manufacturer and model for their WW2 Jeep, they soon realized that there was a need for a trailer that was attachable to the vehicle’s rear. The first trailed used, originally called the “Trailer, ¼ ton, 2-Wheel, Cargo, Amphibian," was designed and produced by The American Bantam Car Co. and saw more than 70,000 units created.

This trailer would later be the inspiration for the M100 and M416 trailers. The M100 trailer, designed for the Willys M38 Jeep, was used heavily in the Korean War and inspired later models with various modifications.

Authentic M100 Parts and Other Models

At AJP, we make sure to offer only the best parts in the industry, which is why collectors of all levels have trusted us when purchasing their M100 parts.

Besides the M100 Trailer, Army Jeep Parts also offers parts for models such as:

M100 Trailer Parts

Our selection of M100 Trailer parts includes, but isn’t limited to, parts such as:

  • Cross country tires
  • Inter-vehicle cables
  • Brake shoe sets
  • Clamp parking brakes
  • Fender assy
  • Heavy duty grease
  • Tail lite repair kits
  • Lug nuts
  • Lunette eyes
  • Pin landing legs
  • Spring shackles
  • Parking brake cables
  • Stop lights
  • Support valves
  • Trailer floor assy
  • Trailer safety chains
  • Wheel bearing cups
  • Wheel bearing nuts

The Go-To Experts

Located in Levittown, Pennsylvania, our team at AJP has a 17,000 sq. ft. facility where we warehouse, rebuild, and also ship quality M100 Trailer parts and more. We are honored to be one of the few dealers in the U.S. that provides a full-service shop. All major vehicle components are restored and rebuilt in-house, aside from engines which we send out to a highly skilled local shop to be rebuilt. When searching for the most professional rebuilds in the industry, get in touch with AJP.

Order with AJP Today

Since 1974, we have helped hobbyists restore vintage military Jeeps and accessories, and we look forward to helping you with your own restoration project by providing the necessary parts and offering our own technical advice. If you ever have questions about what we have to offer or how to go forward with your restoration project, reach out to our team by phone anytime or email us today!

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