M38A1 Body and Misc

M38A1 Body Parts and Miscellaneous

Pulling off a complete M38A1 restoration can be daunting—but it’s also fulfilling, nonetheless. So, to help you execute the project properly, Army Jeep Parts’ extensive library contains many M38A1 body parts ready to ship to your home.

Accelerator footrests, antenna bases, semi-gloss spray, and battery box panels are just a few of the components you can find below. Plus, if you live outside of the US, you can still come to us to obtain reliable M38A1 body parts for your restoration.

Whether you are in the US or buying internationally, we can send the gear you need to your front door. When you’re ready to collect the M38A1 body parts you need to pull off a successful restoration, start browsing our product library below.

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