AJP Front and Rear Axle repair

Military Vehicle Axle Repair Services



Founded in 1973, Army Jeep Parts is one of the oldest and most reliable suppliers of military vehicle parts and restoration services in the United States. As enthusiasts of our craft, we take pride in providing excellent restorative maintenance and repairs for vintage military vehicles. We have also built our reputation on dedication to sourcing and utilizing only the best quality parts. 

Currently based in Levittown, Pennsylvania, Army Jeep Parts owner, George Baxter, and his team take on projects of all sizes. All rebuilds and restorations are completed in-house, with the exception of engine projects, which are sourced out to a local shop. George has also been a MVPA member for more than 40 years and is currently an Association Tech Advisor on MBs and GPWs. 

In-House Axle Repair Services Using Authentic Parts 

Source your military vehicle axle repair project to the experienced team at Army Jeep Parts for results unlike any other. As one of the largest inventories of authentic military vehicle parts, any axle replacements and restorations we conduct will use only the highest quality parts and components available today. Furthermore, we ensure every sourced part in our inventory meets our standards and is in the best usable condition. 


As part of our military vehicle axle repair services, we can also ship our authentic parts nationwide and internationally through UPS, FedEx, or the United States Postal Service. If the part you need is in stock, we are typically able to process your order in a matter of only 24 to 48 hours. For even quicker delivery, choose to have your order shipped by air at checkout. 

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Call us today to learn more about our military vehicle axle repair services. We are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time and are always happy to hear from others who value military vehicle restoration like we do.