CJ5 Clutch

CJ5 Clutch Parts

If you’re on the hunt for reliable CJ5 clutch parts for 4-cylinder models from 1955 to 1967, our extensive library can help you find the right solution. The CJ5 was an ever-evolving, resilient Jeep carrying a 30-year production lifespan. Suffice it to say, such longevity makes CJ5 one of the many notable classic Jeep models available. To help you successfully preserve this piece of history, we carry quality CJ5 clutch parts for repairs and restorations.

You can easily find clutch release forks, discs, bearings, bolts, and more essentials in our product list below. Beyond CJ5 clutch parts, you can also browse Army Jeep Parts’ website to find materials for restoring a Willys MB, Ford GPW, M38A1, and many more classic Jeep models.

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