ArmyJeepParts Shipping


Note: All orders are usually processed within 24-48 hours of being placed if in stock. 

Note: You can choose a quicker delivery time when you order. 2 day air or 3 day select, but a bit more expensive.

Also, in some residential locations UPS calculation rates are a bit higher than what has been outlined below. The information below is a sample of what UPS charges for general deliveries. Your order will be calculated from our UPS direct link.


How Does UPS Calculate charges?


1)UPS charges by weight
2)dimensions of the package
3)destination (residences cost more than deliveries to businesses, and odd shape, i.e. long packages - cost more)).

4) Uniquely shaped products that require special boxes will have additional shipping costs.


Please note shipping by Usps is only on Wednesdays and Fridays.


If this information didn't solve your doubts you can request information with .

Note: ArmyJeepParts will use the most economical method of shipping to your location.  When you place an order with our online system, the calculation of shipping is considered “estimated” and can be different when the order is finally packed.   We try very hard to keep the weights of products accurate so the estimated shipping will be very close the actual cost.