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1979 M151A2 AMG USMC

SOLD: This is a low mileage uncut example of the last US contract done. 12,322 miles. Clean registration. Army Jeep Parts has gone thru all the mechanicals on the jeep. The jeep has a personnel heater and summer top with full enclosure. Curtains are all NOS except LH rear which is good take out. The door frames are NOS. All fluids have been changed & grease points done. All universal joints have been inspected & replaced if needed. The same is true for the wheel bearings. We have replaced the following parts with new or NOS Windshield frame assy., all seat cushions, wheels, tubes and Firestone tires, safety strap, radiator hoses & coolant, full brake system with steel lines & hoses, fuel flex & steel lines, lower ball joints, steering box, horn button switch, batteries (non Mil Spec), ignition switch, coil, ignition module, valve cover, all shock absorbers, rear A arm bushings, steering cross link and bell crank, Carburetor, air cleaner hose, fuel pump, fan belts, accel pedal boot, front coil springs, front bumper, full exhaust system and hangar kit, wiper arms and blades, pintle hook, bumperettes and lifting shackles.

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$ 19500.00

New Jersey
1941 Slat Grill (SOLD)     Watch Video

SOLD: Willys Slat Grille DOD 12-24-41 National Show Winner! A rare opportunity to buy a true blue chip grade WWII Jeep! Slat Grill WWII jeeps are considered by many collector to be one of the most desirable & valuable of all war time jeeps. This particular jeep was delivered on Christmas Eve, which is quite cool by itself. Slat Grilles are known for their long list of early characteristics. These parts are quite rare and demand big money when sold. This jeep has all those items correctly done. The list includes: NOS A/C air cleaner, solid wheels with Good Year tires, gas & amp gauge, early thin needle speedo, early round exhaust, early type radiator, hinged filterette box, zippered bottom seat cushions, early type T-84, early Ross steering box, scalloped rear axle shafts, split back seat frames, two hinge tool box doors, early type hood, early type intake manifold, early type rivet oil pan, early type leaf springs (fronts are NOS), early pedal pads and arms, early type battery tray, Purolator oil filter, early generator, & small dip stick, Willard Optima battery, etc... A jeep this pure & accurate rarely comes to market. Only 200 plus miles since it was completed in the late 1990’s. Fully photo documented plus AJP has checked and freshened, upgraded or fixed any issues we have found. Included with jeep: top assembly, half doors, windshield cover, all original tool kit, spare parts and original manuals and a new Beachwood Canvas OD vinyl cover .

$ 45000.00

New Jersey
1954 M38A1

SOLD: Unrestored and not running. Outside panels straight, but will need floors replaced. 24 volt system intact and most correct parts still there including, 16” wheels. This jeep has not been modified/civilianized which is so typical of these jeep especially in this price range. Reduced to $2600.00

$ 2600.00

New Jersey
1952 M38A1

SOLD: Just in! This 1952 M38A1 had been sitting for a number of years. We haved checked out all running gear and brakes. Our service included:all new fluids/filter in the engine and running gear. Rears were fullyinspected and flushed. New master cylinder, flex hoses, rear shoes, diffseals, rear wheel bearings and rear cylinders. Motor is strong and jeep

$ 4800.00

New Jersey