AJP Transmission Repair

Our Professional transmission services start with the knowledge, experience, and the use of quality parts in our repairs. Many of these transmissions were manufactured 50-70 years ago and can look like they cannot be repaired, but at AJP, we have been repairing and restoring these transmissions for over 30 years.

AJP has the knowledge and experience to find issues such as these chewed gears, and repair them like new.

AJP has the correct, quality parts to bring a transmission back to factory level. Many of these mechanics are now retired, and in town tranny shops do not know the parts or even know how to do a repair correctly.

AJP repair/restore will bring your Military Vehicle back to fully restored stated with the correct parts so that your Jeep will run without issue.

AJP stands by every transmission rebuild/restore we service. We guarantee you will be satisfied with this service.