AJP Carburetor Repair

Our Professional Carburetor services start with the knowledge, experience, and the use of quality parts in our repairs. Many of these carburetors were manufactured 50-70 years ago by the Carter corporation, at AJP, we have been repairing and restoring these carburetors for over 30 years.

The parts we use to restore and repair carburetors are professional quality parts. There are many carburetor kits made today that are not worth the packaging they come in. We use only the correct quality parts in a repair service.

Many times, restoring an old MV carburetor requires a few NOS parts to make the carburetor original. Our services help you achieve your goal of originality.

Testing. At AJP we have the facility to test every carburetor we repair or restore before we send it out. There are many carburetor repair services that replace parts, and just send it back without testing. At AJP we guarantee our carburetor service.