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Please be patient with us. We are working with reduced staff.
Due to the Corona virus, we have asked our employees to stay home. We are back to running Army Jeep Parts with immediate family only for the first time in decades.

AJP is open for online business only, as long as we're to ship.

Local customers: if you order online & check off "local pick up", we will leave your package outside (back of van).

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George & Lisa Baxter

Authentic Army Jeep Parts

Army Jeep Parts, Inc. (AJP) is one of the oldest suppliers of vintage WW2 military vehicle parts in the restoration and collector hobby today. Army Jeep hobbyists and enthusiasts have trusted our team for decades to provide them with only the highest-quality parts for their restoration projects. We’ll go to great lengths to find the right used Willys Jeep parts, and we will even manufacture them when necessary to get the job done.

The Jeep Story

The Jeep legend began in the early days of World War II. The US Army needed a reliable quarter-ton reconnaissance vehicle that was custom-tailored to their specifications. The auto manufacturer, Willys-Overland, answered the call and delivered a prototype vehicle to the army in just 75 days. The Willys-MB was used extensively across every division of the American military and even found its way into the hands of other members of the Allied Forces.

The Willys, which came to be widely known by their nickname, “Jeep,” was crafted to such a high level of reliability that they withstood nearly anything that was thrown at them. Beginning in the 1970’s clubs such as the Military Vehicle Collector Club formed to support enthusiasts who collected and restored Jeeps and other military vehicles. This movement was key in helping to preserve these pieces of history and share their stories. The team at Army Jeep Parts works to help these enthusiasts by providing them with high-performance Willys Jeep parts so that they can restore and rebuild these vehicles to continue sharing them for decades to come.