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A Quick Guide to Military Vehicle Color Codes

A Quick Guide to Military Vehicle Color Codes

Paint matching is a critical and fun part of a military vehicle restoration project. After removing the rust and priming the metals, the colors and how you layout the paint will determine whether your project did the original any justice. Here’s a quick guide to military vehicle color codes that can help you complete your project.

Army and Navy Aeronautical Colors (ANA)

From 1943 to 1970, the US Federal Government utilized the Army-Navy Aeronautical Colors, also called the ANA Colors. The government applied these standard colors to all American military aircraft. Eventually, the Federal Standard 595A became the new standard for colors. The government discontinued the ANA standard on April 16, 1970. Virtually all military aircraft followed the ANA standard during manufacturing through 1960.

Of the original 24 colors, only two of the Spec 3-1 remained. By the end of 1938, a new specification came into being and became the acting replacement for about two more years. And in 1940, a new color card for camouflage standards for Army Air Force colors came out, consisting of eight colors and increased to nine in 1942.

Color Code Designation

When camouflage switched to the ANA standard in 1943 and the AAF understood its specifications, the new line of colors received a “600” color code designation that preceded the color name. The second line of colors came to fruition by December of 1943, and these colors received a “500” designation preceding their names.

Eventually, the line of colors converted to MFS (Modern Federal Standard) and AMS standard colors.

World War I and II

Compared to the military vehicle color codes used in World War I and II, the current system has gone through revamps and drastic updates. While many saw retirement or modification, their iconic appeal remains widely known in society today. Some of the most popular color codes include:

  • Spec Camouflage Green 383
  • Spec Camouflage Tan 686
  • German WWII Gelbbraun (Ordinance Tan)
  • RAL 6031-F9 Bronzegrun

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