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Resolving Horn Button Problems on a CJ2A Jeep

Resolving Horn Button Problems on a CJ2A Jeep

 A vehicle’s horn is important no matter what make or model you’re driving. Car horns are crucial to the safety of the driver and anyone else nearby. Unfortunately, when restoring old school Jeeps such as CJs, it’s not uncommon for collectors to run into horn-related issues. That said, if you’re not familiar with the components within a CJ2A, you probably don’t know where to look to resolve this issue. Consider using the methods below for
resolving horn button problems on a CJ2A.


One of the most common issues Jeep collectors have with their CJs is the horn sounding off for seemingly no reason. When experiencing this issue, the first place you must check is the wiring. The horn button has a wire beneath it that runs down the worm shaft, but damaged wiring making contact with the metal shaft can cause the previously mentioned horn issues. If the wire is worn or damaged in any way, you’ll need to replace it to fix your horn button woes. The problem’s annoying, but the solution’s fairly straightforward.

Wheel Parts

Many classic Jeeps, beneath the horn button, contain a ring that secures the button to the wheel. This ring holds the button in place with three distinct rubber bumpers, so finding it in your wheel shouldn’t be too difficult. Specifically, the bumpers connect with a cup at the bottom of the horn button. If the rubber bumpers are missing, worn, or otherwise damaged, you’ll find yourself with a Jeep horn blowing randomly. As with the wiring, the lack of bumpers for your horn button results in the cup making contact unprompted, leading to the random horn beeping. Luckily, you can still find quality replacements for the internal ring to fix the problem fairly quickly.

As you can see, resolving horn button problems on a CJ2A Jeep isn’t tough when you know where to look. When replacing Jeep parts, be sure you’re using reliable parts from reputable suppliers. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Army Jeep Parts if you need authentic Kaiser Jeep parts and other classic Jeep components for your next restoration.