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How To Install a New Wiring Harness on a Willys Jeep

How To Install a New Wiring Harness on a Willys Jeep

There are some common issues you’ll run into during a classic Jeep restoration. One of these issues is a mess of wiring within the car’s electric system. If you run into this issue, it means it’s time for a new wiring harness.

Since guides on how to install a new wiring harness on a Willys Jeep are so scarce, we’ll point you in the right direction so you can figure out the best path to take. First and foremost, clarify whether your new wiring harness is compatible with the specific Jeep you’re working on. For example, if you’re restoring a Willys CJ2A, you have to be sure your wiring harness is right for that specific model.

Don’t worry—it’s much easier than it sounds to find quality Jeep CJ2A parts, including a wire harness. Before removing the old wiring, take pictures of where everything connects. Once you have all the pictures you need, label your new wires so you know where everything goes.

This is a seemingly small step that will actually prove to be very beneficial during the installation. The reason these pictures are so beneficial is that the wiring specifications differ from vehicle to vehicle. You should also reference any service manuals and wiring diagrams for your CJ2A during the wiring harness installation process. Your pictures, labels, manuals, and diagrams will be your guiding light through the wire harness installation.

However, one tip that will prove useful is to connect the wiring harness to your Jeep without the speedometer in place. Removing the speedometer and connecting your wires through this space can make the whole harness installation much easier and more efficient. Once you remove the speedometer and the old wiring, you can finally grab your pictures and manuals and begin connecting your new tech.

As you can see, learning how to install a new wiring harness on a Willys Jeep can be a bit confusing at first. It’s a process that takes patience, time, and a lot of reading through manuals and diagrams. However, once you understand how the wires function in your CJ and where they connect, replacing your old system will be fairly straightforward. Although the first time might take some extensive research and planning, it will make replacing wiring harnesses much easier in the future.