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How To Make a Willys Jeep More Fuel Efficient

How To Make a Willys Jeep More Fuel Efficient

If you’re trying to determine how to make a Willys Jeep more fuel efficient, it’s easier than you might think. You can install components, and even your driving habits can help. The steps below break down how to restore and drive your Willys while prioritizing fuel economy.

Avoid Excessive Speeds

Testing the capabilities of a Jeep you’ve recently restored is a rewarding part of the process. However, driving fast can impact the vehicle’s fuel efficiency significantly. To prioritize your fuel supply, avoid frequently driving speeds of 40 to 60 mph. Staying below those speeds will give you a better MPG in return.

Always Remember Maintenance

Unfortunately, many minor components can cause big trouble for your fuel efficiency. For example, insufficient tire inflation, battery charge, and engine health can take a toll on your Jeep’s fuel economy.

By consistently carrying out routine maintenance, you can ensure that all other vehicle components are working to give you the best fuel efficiency possible. By avoiding even small maintenance tasks, you’re doing more harm to the Jeep’s MPG than you realize.

Find an Overdrive

When you ask Jeep experts how to make a Willys Jeep more fuel efficient, you’ll hear that you should install an overdrive. When driving at higher speeds, having an overdrive will help you retain a healthy fuel economy and engine RPM.

Going too hard in terms of engine RPM will cause some damage, but an overdrive can prevent this from happening. It’ll take some time to install, but a 25 percent overdrive is well worth the effort if better fuel efficiency is what you want.

Although a classic Willys Jeep isn’t the poster car for fuel efficiency, you can make improvements. If you need any other assistance restoring a classic Jeep, contact our military vehicle restoration services. At Army Jeep Parts, our team of experts and library of authentic replacement parts can help you get the project done with the care and quality it deserves.