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How To Store Your Jeep During the Winter

How To Store Your Jeep During the Winter

 After you’ve completed the initial restoration process for a classic Jeep, there are still key steps you must take throughout the year to keep that Jeep in good shape. One of the most important things to prepare for is winter storage. These tips will show you how to store your Jeep during the winter in a way that keeps it safe and secure all season long.

Clean It Up

Military vehicle restoration services will help you bring a classic military Jeep back to life, but once it’s back in good condition, you have to be mindful of how you store it during winter. Good winter storage begins with one last cleaning, from the new wheels all the way to the fresh paint. Furthermore, you should give it one last waxing as well.

Cleaning up the Jeep before putting it away for several months might sound inefficient and utterly pointless, but it’s far from either of those things. Cleaning and drying your classic Jeep prior to winter is essential because storing it while it is still covered with contaminants such as dust, mud, grease, and moisture will result in some unfortunate rust spots by the end of the season.

Protect the Battery

Some folks might assume that if they turn the Jeep off while storing it in winter, the battery will be fine. However, this is the opposite of what can really happen. As your battery sits in the Jeep during winter, its charge will weaken, and when you bring it out of storage at the end of the season, there’s a good chance that the battery won’t work. To keep the battery safe and functional during the winter months, disconnect it entirely. If you safely store the battery during this time, it shouldn’t cause you any problems when you fire it back up.

Release the Parking Brake

When figuring out how to store your Jeep during the winter, it’s understandable to assume that using the parking brake is the right call, but that would be incorrect. If you engage the parking brake and leave it like that for months, components will become stuck and hard to use over time.

To keep the parking brake in good condition, use wheel chocks to keep your classic Jeep in place during winter storage. However, remember to put the chocks underneath the tires before releasing the parking brake. Doing the opposite way can result in injuries or property damage.