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Jeep MB/GPW Rear U-Bolt Installation

Jeep MB/GPW Rear U-Bolt Installation

The Willys MB and the Ford GPW are historic members of the Jeep family. Restoring these classic vehicles requires a lot of care and, of course, the right parts. This guide will address a specific restoration task: Jeep MB/GPW rear U-bolt installation. We’ll break down the parts you need for the job and how to apply them so you can properly bring your Jeep back to life.

To begin, you’ll need your rear axle at the ready. Grab the rear axle and place it onto the Jeep’s leaf spring assemblies. Once the rear axle is securely placed on the assemblies, grab two U-bolt clips and the rear driver’s side lower shock mount plate, then bring them over to the driver’s side of the vehicle, where the rear axle shaft meets the leaf spring assemblies.

Place the shock mount plate beneath both of those aforementioned components and secure it in place using the U-bolt clips. On both sides of the driver’s side leaf spring assemblies, slide the U-bolt clips over the rear axle shaft and reach all the way down to the shock mount plate, where you’ll push them through the designated holes.

Once the U-bolt clips are through the lower shock mount plate, secure one washer and one U-bolt clip nut to each end of the U-bolt clip protruding through the plate. If everything is securely in place, move over to the passenger’s side of the vehicle where the rear axle shaft meets the leaf spring assemblies and carry out the same exact tasks as you did on the driver’s side. Once both sides of the rear axle shaft are secure, you can move forward with your next step in the Jeep restoration process.

As you can see, carrying out a Jeep MB/GPW rear U-bolt installation is a pretty straightforward process as long as you have all the right parts and tools at your disposal. Although you have to be careful when buying them, you won’t have to look too far for quality WWII military vehicle parts that will help with completing your classic Jeep restoration. Once you have all the right gear for the job, you’re ready to revitalize either a Willys MB or a Ford GPW.