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How To Remove the Pedal Cross Shaft from Your Willys Jeep

How To Remove the Pedal Cross Shaft from Your Willys Jeep
Removing a pedal cross shaft from a classic Willys Jeep is easy, but you have to know all the small components to look for in order to do it. These three steps will show you how to remove the pedal cross shaft from your Willys Jeep.

Remove the Clutch Pedal

The first order of business is to detach the return spring from the clutch pedal. The return spring will have two hooks securing it to the vehicle; simply unhook them in order to proceed. Afterward, use a pair of needle-nose pliers to unbend and remove the cotter pin that secures the washer and clutch pedal arm to the shaft assembly. 

Once you remove that, you can slide the washers off the shaft assembly with ease. Next, remove the bolt at the bottom of the clutch pedal arm. Once these parts are out of the way, you can slide the clutch arm off of the shaft assembly and set it aside. 

Remove the Brake Pedal

For this step, we’re moving to the interior of the frame. Find the two cotter pins connecting to the brake pedal, one of which should directly connect to the master cylinder eye bolt. Begin by removing both cotter pins and their accompanying washers. Next, you can disconnect the master cylinder eye bolt and the tie bar from the brake pedal arm and cross shaft respectively then set them both aside. This should allow you to slide the brake pedal arm right off of the shaft, just as you did with the clutch pedal arm. 

Remove the Pedal Cross Shaft

Now you’ll have to remove one final cotter pin, which you’ll find on the clutch rod. After removing the pin, detach the clutch rod and set it aside with the brake and clutch pedals. Go back to the exterior frame and locate the small key at the top of the cross shaft. Remove the key and any accompanying washers. Once you remove the key, you’ll be able to slide the pedal cross shaft from the frame.

Now that you know how to remove the pedal cross shaft from your Willys Jeep, you’re officially ready to proceed with your restoration. If you need some additional gear for the job, at Army Jeep Parts, we can supply you with used Willys Jeep parts that will help you restore that classic vehicle back to its former glory.