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3 Innovative Jeeps that Shaped the Automobile Industry

The history of jeeps is a fascinating one that can tell you a lot about American history and even more about the automobile industry. With numerous iterations of this beloved vehicle produced (especially close to its initial conception), the drive to innovate and create a newer, better, more practical jeep was the focus of a handful of automakers in the 1940s and 50s.

At Army Jeep Parts, we find this time of production and invention fascinating — that’s why we provide parts for you to rebuild your vintage jeep authentically and with the confidence of knowing that you are using high-quality components.

So what are some of these jeeps that changed the way the automobile industry functioned some 70 or 80 years ago? Here, we list three jeeps that had a massive influence on the automobile industry and American culture.

Willys MB

The Willys MB is, more than anything, the most iconic vintage military vehicle. Many people attribute the Willys MB to the United States’ and Allied forces’ victory in WWII. It facilitated movement of troops and materials in areas that previously would have been difficult and time-consuming to traverse. This reliability and functionality proved Willys’ usefulness and truly made a name for Jeeps forever.

Willys CJ-2A

Following WWII, Willys made a jeep that was similar to that of the Willys MB, but it was crafted with the sole purpose of hitting the consumer, civilian market. The Willys CJ-2A was made for farmers to use around their property to move tools and assist in transporting products. The power and reliability of these jeeps made them ideal for hard-working Americans.

Ford GPA

The Ford General Purpose Amphibian (GPA) goes by many names, one being “Seep” or “Sea Jeep.” This vehicle was produced in 1942, functioning as an amphibious version of Ford’s GPW, meaning it could operate on both land and sea. This level of functionality was good in concept, but in the theatre of war, it held up much differently. It would get stuck in shallow waters — even those that MBs would be able to drive straight through. Production for this vehicle halted in 1943 after almost 13,000 were produced.


Rebuild Your Part of History

The reliability of jeeps is something that makes them truly American, and that’s why we love them. All of these jeeps have stories, and when you rebuild your jeep with Army Jeep Parts, you can relive their stories each time you enter your garage.

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