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The R-1 Rescue All-Terrain Transport Vehicle

By the late 1980s, combat had changed dramatically since WWII due to new technology, weapon systems, and a variety of unfamiliar terrains. Because of these changes, the U.S. military needed a vehicle that was more agile and versatile than the standard jeeps for the removal, transport, and treatment of casualties and injured soldiers during combat. In 1992, the off-road vehicle manufacturer, Raceco, finally answered the military's prayers.  

Raceco manufactured the R-1 Rescue All-Terrain Transport (RATT or RATV), a vehicle designed specifically to collect wounded soldiers from the field efficiently. The RATT had a distinctive appearance that combined aspects of ATVs, pickups, and jeeps, and was not equipped to handle any weaponry. Instead of installing defensive weapon mounts, Raceco focused on delivering a light, quick transport vehicle that could get their charges out of danger as fast as possible. 

Features of the R-1 Rescue All-Terrain Transport 

The RATT was built for speed, utility, and mobility. It was used by Air Force special operations to evacuate combat victims and provide treatment in-transit. They also used RATTs as field utility vehicles and for airfield seizures. 

The RATT featured: 

  • Up to Six Litters, or bunk gurneys, for Patients

  • Two 24-volt batteries (for lights and medical equipment)

  • Infrared Headlights (for stealthy night transportation)

  • Light-Weight, Air-Cooled Porsche Engine (110 horsepower)

  • Four-Wheel Drive 

  • Instant Kill Switch (to immediately extinguish white lights)

With all of these features and a design that could fit six injured soldiers and two rescue personnel, the air-cooled engine eliminated the need for a radiator and cooling fluid, which made the vehicle lighter, and its compact, tubular framework allowed it to be transported easily by C-130 aircraft and some helicopters. The RATT also featured pioneer tools, bolt cutters, winch, and tie-downs, so it was ready for almost anything! 

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