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The Iconic Army Jeep: How It All Began

Army Jeeps — there’s something about them. Their looks, utility, strength, and versatility gave us something to gaze at in awe at their conception, and this fascination has grown even more prominent over time.

The thing about military Jeeps is that they’re the stuff of legends — of American heroes going into battle and emerging victorious. They’re a symbol of capitalism, ingenuity, democracy, and freedom. They’re a symbol of what makes us truly American.

So where did this all begin? Here, we dive into the beginning of army Jeeps, their history, and why we love them today.

A History

It all starts in 1939. The United States Military was seeing the tides of war rolling in and began pulling funds to prepare for the second world war. During their preparation, in 1940, they sent out a request to 135 automakers to produce light-duty trucks that could function as reconnaissance vehicles.

Only three out of the 135 responded — Willys-Overland, the American Bantam Car Company, and Ford Motor Company. After intensive & rigorous testing of the three companies prototypes the government awarded Willys Overland the army contract based on their Willys MA prototype. The iconic Willys MB jeep went into production on the 18th of November of 1941. Here’s a timeline from when the WWII army Jeeps we consider to be iconic today began and when their production ended:

Near the end of the war, Willys-Overland began producing jeeps for civilian use, laying the groundwork for the CJ series and later the Wrangler and other modern-day Jeep products.

Why We Love Them

At Army Jeep Parts, these military Jeeps hold a special place in our heart, not only for the fact that they are, truly, living history, but also because of the vision that they represent.

In a sense, army Jeeps are indicative of what it means to be American, to make the world better, and to find actionable solutions to any problem. Army Jeeps changed the tides of war in World War II and are part of the movement that Franklin D. Roosevelt called the Arsenal of Democracy. They offered mobility, reliability, and were remarkably durable with intuitive repair structure. In essence, these vehicles were perfectly produced for what was required of them.

Restore With Us

It’s clear that we, at Army Jeep Parts, have a passion for army Jeeps, and we hope you do too. When you need the highest-quality restoration products for your army Jeep, we are the perfect place to turn.

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