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4 Must-Have Accessories for Your Jeep Off-Road Adventure

Vintage USA Jeep standing in a natural area covered with grass and backed by a craggy rock formation

When you own a vintage Willys Jeep, you can treat it like a museum piece, putting it on display at shows and rallies and challenging it to no more than a photo op. But the real joy of Jeep ownership involves building yours up so that it’s ready to hit the open road and go off that road. Jeeps have designs meant to deal with the roughness and toughness of off-road driving. If you’re ready to see what your Willys Jeep can do out there, read on. Here are four must-have accessories for your Jeep off-road adventure.

All-Terrain Tires

Tires are often the only thing between you and a serious accident. Be sure to install tires that can handle gravel, dirt, mud, and more. When you go off-roading, you never know what you’ll encounter, and it’s better to have a set of all-terrain tires in place. All-terrain tires are flexible and ready to switch from paved roads to punishing trails in no time. Go for better grip, durability, and resistance to punctures, tears, and other tire-destroying elements. It’s not just about keeping the tires in good shape; it’s about protecting you and your passengers as well.

Two First Aid Kits

Why two? The first kit is for you to deal with any potential injuries incurred while out in the wild. The second one is for your Jeep. It should include a winch, recovery boards, a tow strap, D-ring shackles, and a chain, just in case you need to pull your Jeep out of a ditch or other sticky situation. You should also have a tire kit, a few basic repair tools, work gloves, jumper cables, electrical and duct tape, and any other tools that might aid in emergency repairs.

Snorkel Kit

You may not know it, but your Jeep might need to do a little swimming and diving out there. A snorkel kit allows your Jeep to cross shallow bodies of water by raising the air intake point. This permits your Jeep to “breathe” as it makes its way across a stream or river. Air enters your engine while keeping water out. A snorkel kit is also a huge help in dry and dusty conditions, drawing in cool, clean air at a higher level while not allowing dust nearer to the ground to clog the engine.

Bright Lights

Going off the road also means going off the grid. Without the bright lights of the big city (or even the small town), it’s easy to find yourself in near darkness. Getting lost isn’t an option with big and bright LED light bars and spotlights that can cut through the darkness like a knife. Pick tougher lights that can handle the vibrations and shocks of driving down rough roads without sacrificing brightness. And don’t skimp. Lights stationed on the roof, bumpers, and windshield ensure you’re safe while alerting other vehicles, animals, and people to your presence.

Those are just four must-have accessories for your Jeep off-road adventure. Contact us about finding these and other Willys Jeep parts for your next journey to the wild side!