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Extending the Life Span of Your Willys Jeep Engine

Extending the Life Span of Your Willys Jeep Engine

When you own a Willys Jeep, you know you’re driving a tough little vehicle that’s likely seen a lot of action. But as tough as they are, even Jeeps need special attention to keep rolling down the road. Fortunately, they’re easy to look after, and while you may need the occasional new part, they reward care with smooth and swift driving. Here are a few tips for extending the life span of your Willys Jeep engine.

Regular Maintenance

The first and most obvious thing to do is to bring in your Jeep for regularly scheduled maintenance. Having the oil tested and changed on a periodic basis—every 3,000 to 5,000 miles is the general rule—is important. And make sure the oil filter is changed as well. After the oil has been changed, review the state of the other filters and replace them as required. Check fluid levels for the transmission, brakes, and other systems and top them off as needed. Keeping your Jeep well-lubricated ensures a longer life.

Stay Cool!

Like any other vehicle, your Jeep needs to stay cool, otherwise the engine overheats, resulting in severe and damaging stress followed by engine failure. Check and measure the coolant level in the radiator and consider flushing the system every 30,000 miles. Look at the hoses and other lines and watch for cracks and leaks and dripping fluid. Address these issues immediately. If the engine appears to be running hot and you’ve already flushed the radiator, see if the thermostat is working properly and replace it as needed. Keep your engine cool, and it’ll last longer.

Drive Carefully

This should be a given. While wanting to take your Jeep out and push it to its limits sounds fun, it places tremendous pressure on the engine, wearing it out that much sooner. Drive carefully and avoid hitting the gas, idling, and stopping and starting too often. If you use your Jeep for towing and hauling, mind the weight of the payload you plan to pull. The harder it works, the more wear and tear you put on the engine. Jeeps are working vehicles, but overwork isn’t good for anyone or anything.

Pick the Best Parts

Ever heard of the Ship of Theseus? It’s a thought experiment that involves thinking of a ship—in this case the mythical Greek hero Theseus’s—that’s been slowly repaired over the years, with new parts replacing the old ones. The challenge is imagining what happens when every part is replaced and asking, is it the same ship? If you replace all the parts on your Jeep, it may not be the same Jeep as before, but it will certainly run better, and you’ll be happier. Pick the right replacement parts and prioritize quality over low cast, and your engine will run better and longer.

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