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AJP Featured Truck: The Ford & Willys “Super Jeep” MT-TUG

The Ford & Willys “Super Jeep,” also known as the MT-TUG, is one of the greatest vehicles in US military history to never officially go into production. This vehicle, first tested in 1942, got the nickname, “Super Jeep,” due to its extended frame, three axles, six wheels, and adaptable chassis.

The Willys MT-TUG was designed to compete with the Dodge ¾ ton 4X4 Dodge WC series. The TUG carried the same ¾ ton rating, weighed 3,100 pounds, had a 20-gallon gasoline tank with a 300 mile range, and a top speed of 55 mph. Willys claimed that this 6X6 would save 2,000 pounds of steel and 60 pounds of rubber. The manufacturer also boasted that the “Super Jeep” could operate on 40% less fuel and 20% less motor oil than the Dodge model.


By January 1943, the Willys MT-TUG was being evaluated by the Army Transport Command at Camp Gordon in Johnston, FL. It was met with positive reviews as a result of its effortless operation in deep sand.

 The Versatile Chassis

After the Camp Gordon tests, there seem to have been at least eight variations of the vehicle on the TUG chassis, including:

  • Cargo vehicle

  • Cargo model with rear-mounted mortar

  • Cargo model with small 5th wheel on rear deck (TUG)

  • “Station wagon” model

(Wooden body, sliding glass panes, hinged rear doors, roll-down curtains, and fabric-covered roof with hatch. The reason for this design is unknown.)

  • Personnel carrier (MT-CA #3)

  • Ambulance

  • 37mm gun motor carriage (MT, MA-6, T-14 series)

  • T-24 armored car


The TUG was an impressive feat of military engineering, but it never made it to full production status. A total of 15 MT-TUGs are thought to have been built, with only 6 known survivors today. 24 chassis are believed to have been built to support all eight variations of this 6X6 mystery.


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