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A Quick Guide To Understanding Jeep Lingo

A Quick Guide To Understanding Jeep Lingo

The Jeep community is a unique and tight-knit group that uses specialized lingo. Jeeps have features that allow them to achieve things that regular vehicles can’t, and Jeep owners name these actions to make them more relatable and easier to understand.

This quick guide to understanding Jeep lingo will inform you of some of the most commonly used words that refer to unique Jeep actions.

Death Wobble

Jeeps work with a unique suspension system that allows wheels to move individually when driving over uneven surfaces. This process is ideal for off-roading adventures that will keep your Jeep safe and the people inside comfortable. Jeep death wobble is the name given to what you experience when the suspension is loose while driving on a flat surface, provoking the Jeep to shake intensely.

Lifted Jeep

This term is sometimes used with other vehicles, but it’s more common and noticeable when used with certain Jeeps. Lifting a Jeep means extending the suspension to elevate the height and power of a Jeep, allowing it to go over obstacles like rocks or uneven terrain. Lifted Jeeps often come with distinguishable special attachments, such as side-stepping platforms and handlebars.


Wheeling is another term for off-roading. This includes driving through unpaved paths, mountain paths, small rivers, and desert landscapes. For wheeling, you don’t need any special attachments or upgrades; you only need experience, knowledge, and practice for a successful and safe drive.

Jeep Wave

An unwritten rule in the Jeep community is that every time you see another Jeep, you must wave to its driver. Whether it is a wave, a honk, or a head nod, doing this every time you cross paths with another Jeep will enhance your experience in the Jeep community.


Similar to the Jeep wave, ducking is another Jeep-community activity that involves placing a rubber ducky on a parked Jeep whenever the owner isn’t watching. Unsuspecting Jeep owners may drive around with a duck. Most owners collect the different ducks left on their Jeep and display them proudly on the dashboard as a sign of membership in the community.

Now that you understand some common Jeep lingo, you are ready to dive into the community. However, knowing the lingo is only one part of being a successful Jeep owner—you also need the right parts. Consider Army Jeep Parts for all your part needs. Depending on your type of system and Jeep, you might need special M151A2 parts, which we offer. Browse our extensive selection today!