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Ways To Identify Early Models of Willys Jeeps

Ways To Identify Early Models of Willys Jeeps


Throughout the course of human history, people have tried to find quick solutions to troublesome situations, often greatly transforming the world in the process. During these times, when inventions and solutions were rushed through production, it was difficult to keep track of everything being manufactured.

This is exactly what happened with Jeeps; they were invented during a difficult time in history to aid military personnel in survival and transportation. As with most inventions, Jeeps evolved with time and have since become more common items. If you’re a history buff, you can learn several ways to identify early models of Willys Jeeps to learn more about each model’s specific details and uses.

Look at the Motor

Even when the vehicle didn’t have a serial number, the motors did. You can find the engine’s stamp below the cylinder head to learn more about a specific type of Jeep. This metal label is about two inches in size and can sometimes be hard to find if it is covered in oil and dirt. Motors are the main element of vehicles, which is why the serial number is located on them.

Check the Windshield Frame

To distinguish between different vehicles and brands, manufacturers would often label their products along the windshield frame. Depending on when the Jeep was assembled, there may not have been time to label it. For instance, Jeeps made between 1941 and 1945 did not feature any labels because they were constructed while WWII was ongoing.

Check for Attachments

Jeeps come with different features and attachments that turn them into more complex machines. You can learn a lot depending on where these attachments are. A Willys Jeep restoration could change the appearance and location of these features, especially if you have one that needs some work done. However, whoever made the changes and completed the restoration should be able to give you detailed information on the vehicle and what changes it has undergone.

Reference Books

If you have doubts about the year and information of your Jeep, you can refer to books to learn more about specific characteristics. To identify early models of Willys Jeeps, you can look at pictures of other vehicles and similar features; there are only so many models that referencing these will make it easier to recognize your exact vehicle.