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Rare Jeeps for Hobbyists: Part II

In April, we spoke about some rare Jeep models of interest to hobbyists. Continuing with that theme, we’re dedicating this blog to bringing more rare Jeep models into light that you may have never heard of.

Jeep CJ-6 (1956-1975) 

The CJ-6 is essentially a Jeep CJ-5 with an extra 20” of wheelbase. The Jeep CJ-6 was Kaiser’s response to the need for a roomier off-road vehicle. 

Debuting in 1955 for the 1956 model year, the CJ-6 sported the venerable “Dauntless” V6 engine, as well as an AMC 304 V8 in its later production years. 50,000 CJ-6s were sold during a 20-year run. Some were even sold in South America, where some were converted to 4-doors, while many others made their way to Sweden. In the United States, CJ-6s were often used by the forest service.

Jeep Forward Control (1956-1965)

Also called the FC, the Jeep Forward Control is known for its quirky appearance. The Jeep Forward Control was designed by Brooks Stevens in the early 1950s, who looked to cab-over designs found on contemporary full-size trucks for design inspiration. The FC launched for the ‘56 model year and utilized modified CJ-5 underpinnings.

The FC had three engine options: the Hurricane inline-four, the 226-cubic inch L-head inline-six, and the 318 cubic inch V8. These engines could be mated with either a three-speed manual, a four-speed manual, or a three-speed automatic.

Jeep FJ Fleetvan (1961-1975)

As a small, short delivery van, the FJ “Fleetvan” was the Ford Transit Connect of its time. The model was based on the DJ-3A dispatcher and primarily sold by Willys-Overland and Kaiser-Jeep to the U.S. Postal Service. The early models were called FJ-3s and FJ-3As, with the 3A being the longer model of the pair.

The FJ-3 lasted for a few years until a new CJ-6-based FJ-6 replaced it in the mid-1960s. The FJ-6 itself was later replaced by the FJ-9 close to the end of the FJ’s production run around 1975.

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