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Common Mistakes That Will Damage Your Jeep’s Paint Job

Common Mistakes That Will Damage Your Jeep’s Paint Job

The ability to keep your Jeep in pristine condition can be challenging if the external elements are unfriendly. Things like rocks, sun exposure, and poor maintenance can damage the paint job little by little. After spending the time to restore or refinish a vintage Jeep, you need to know how to protect it and preserve its life. Here are some common mistakes to avoid!


Overexposure to Exterior Elements

Leaving your Jeep exposed to the elements, especially high heat and sun, can eat away at the paint’s outermost layer and break down the core elements of the finish. Once the primary topcoat is gone, you risk corrosion of the metal, which will age much faster. You want to avoid leaving your Jeep sitting in the elements for extended periods and consider a garage, parking canopy, or cover.

Ice Scraping

Scaping ice is necessary for visibility purposes, but consider letting the Jeep warm up for an easier removal process. Scraping the ice can chip the paint and weaken the outer enamel. You want to avoid ice scraping if you live in a climate that experiences extreme temperatures, and if possible, park your car in a covered shelter to protect from intense ice build-up.

Leaving Bird Droppings

The acidity levels in bird droppings will ruin the outer enamel and fade the paint’s color. A common mistake many make that damages the paint job of their Jeep is scraping the bird droppings off with a paint scraper or filer. Like ice scraping, it will chip or peel the paint over time. Consider a professional car wash service to remove any droppings effectively and adequately.

Poor Car Washing Services

In addition to considering a professional car wash service, be mindful of the service you choose. Abrasive brushes, chemical exposure, and temperature fluctuations in the car wash can all pose a risk to your Jeep’s paint. Look for a local car wash service that offers manual wiping to alleviate the harsh contact.

If your restored Jeep experienced damage or is in need of a paint job, reach out to Army Jeep Parts today. We offer a full line of GCI paint in authentic codes and finishes to help you restore a vintage Jeep to its former glory.