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A Brief History of the Kaiser Model Military Jeep

A Brief History of the Kaiser Model Military Jeep

 While the Jeep name is a household staple, the Kaiser Jeep name is unfamiliar to the everyday consumer. In short, today's infamous Jeep would be a lost thought without that iconic start with Kaiser. After going through many updates, a merger, and an extensive period of growth, the history of the Kaiser model military Jeep is an integral part of how we reached today's consumer demands.


The Origins of M715

In 1965, the construction of the M715 began. The Willys Jeep Gladiator emphasized the chassis and body. It was not until 1967 that the new vehicle would see service and make its grand debut in time for the Vietnam War.

The M715 took off the minute it hit the ground because of its COTS design. Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) was a product based on the success of other commercially produced products. This model went through various adjustments to meet buyers' demands—the buyer being the US government. With a COTS design, production reduced significantly because manufacturers didn’t have to reinvent the wheel, and the M715 was more affordable.

The Chassis and Hood

The Tornado engine is iconic to Jeep and entails 132 horsepower, with a significant component being the engine using an overhead camshaft. At its debut, this was the only American vehicle to accomplish this. The vehicle housed a 28-gallon tank with a great fuel range and a heavy-duty engine.

One of the most unique features of the Kaiser model military Jeep is how customizable it still is. You could take it from the standard truck, a transporter cab, an ambulance cab, or for telephone maintenance. Some versions could use a front-end winch, but this was uncommon because it tended to hinder the driveshaft.

The M715 Today

Recently, hobbyists and Jeep enthusiasts are taking these iconic pieces of history and restoring them for off-road purposes. Some of the most common updates are super-sized all-terrain tires, newer transmissions, and beefier engines. It's worth noting that the original M715 is in production in South Korea, but produced by a new owner.

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