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Army Jeep Parts Offers Unparalleled Carburetor Rebuild Program


As a leading authority in all things Army Jeep — from mil spec paints to Jeep manuals and MV services — we know a thing or two about restoring and repairing tired worn out carburetors. With over 30 years of experience restoring carburetors that were originally manufactured in the early 20th Century, we have developed the best rebuild program on the market. In this article, we will explain exactly why we restore carburetors better than everyone else.

Knowledge, Experience & Quality Parts

A lot of the carburetor kits available on the market today simply fail to meet our high standards (and likely, yours too). When you buy these second-rate restoration kits, you often end up with the wrong parts, and sometimes what they send you doesn’t even work. That won’t happen on our watch, because we make sure to use the precise required parts, and we refuse to settle for cheap parts that do not meet our quality standards.

We Strive to Restore Originality

Unlike other carburetor restoration programs, we share the same goal as you: To restore your carburetor back to complete original specs. Sometimes, that requires us to use a few NOS parts. We’re willing to do whatever it takes to restore your Jeep as closely to its original condition as possible. All carburetors and broken down to base components chemically cleaned, blasted, polished (where required) and refinished in the factory spec finishes. This ranges for zinc or cad plating, parkerizing and dichromate protective coating.

Post-Repair Testing

It takes an extraordinary level of indifference to repair or restore an old carburetor for a customer and then ship it out to them without testing it. At our facility, we install every carburetor on our 4 cylinder jeep test stand. This allows us to test every aspect of its running characteristics. Mixture and idle speed are set at this time too.. Only after our tests have confirmed the full functionality of your carburetor, will we send it to you.


Small Details Make the Biggest Difference

Why do we care so much about every little detail? That’s just the way we do things here at AJP. Whether you’re seeking a Willys MB for sale, or you need your Jeep’s carburetor repaired or restored, we’ve got all of the bases covered. Got questions about parts, repairs, builds, or anything else Army Jeep-Related? Give us a call, and we’ll figure it out together!