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At Army Jeep Parts, we have a passion for bringing history to life, which has helped us grow into a national leader in the field of military Jeep restoration over nearly five decades in the business. We’re proud to share that passion with hobbyists like you. For this reason, we carry a wide range of Willys MBT parts for sale online. Our replacement parts are authentic, reliable components that will help you achieve your restoration goal, whether the vehicle requires minor upgrades or needs a substantial amount of work.

The deeper you get into a restoration project, going from the vintage military Jeep itself to accessories such as a cargo trailer, it can be difficult to find the right parts to complete the job.

Anyone taking on the restoration of a World War II-era MB trailer can come to us for help. Our selection of MBT Parts for sale online is second to none.

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In 2006, we opened a 17,000-square-foot warehouse in Levittown, PA, to house one of the largest collections of military Jeep parts in the nation. After all, the MBT trailer replacements parts are only one collection of classic Jeep components we have for sale.

Not only can we provide hobbyists with the authentic nuts, bolts, cables, wires and lighting accessories necessary to repair a World War II-era MB trailer, but we can also help repair and service the vintage Willys MB Jeeps that towed the MB trailers through army camps and battlefields in the 1940s.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for in our selection of MBT parts for sale online, we can help you locate it.

The History of the MBT

Troops in World War II relied on the MB two-wheel, quarter-ton Jeep trailer, the first in a long line of military Jeep trailers, to transport life-saving supplies over long distances safely. Therefore, the MB trailer was almost as important to the war effort as the original Willys MB Jeep that towed it from camps to battlefields and back, between 1942 and 1945.

  • Heavy duty shock absorbers
  • Four reflectors
  • Service running lights and blackout lights
  • The Lunette Eye Loop, which was designed to attach to the MB Jeep pintle hook
  • Drain plug in the floor for holding out or releasing water
  • Wheel rims matching the rims on the MB Jeep
  • NDT 16” Military Tires
  • A watertight body design so ammunition could safely be transported

If any of these elements of your MB trailer is missing or needs repair, look for it our selection of genuine, high-quality MBT parts for sale online. Then, you can find exactly what you need to restore your trailer, ensuring its already long lifespan continues for many years.

Full Restoration Services for Your MBT Military Jeep Trailer and More!

Restoring military Jeeps and accessories is a tall but worthwhile task, and we’re here to help make the experience enjoyable. Our services extend far beyond top-quality MBT parts for sale online. In fact, our extensive inventory of military Jeep parts includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Contacting us is the first step in the renovation process for hobbyists undertaking a new project, and we’re happy to help get your project off the ground and on the road. Search the collection below to find our Willys MBT trailer parts available today. Our collection includes shock absorbers, backing plates, wheels, and more individual components for rebuilding an MBT Jeep.

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