M151 Engine

M151 “MUTT” Engine Parts

From 1960 through 1979, the M151 “MUTT” military jeep was produced as the successor to the Korean War M38 and M38A1 models. It featured a unitized monocoque, had more ground clearance, and was equipped with independent suspension and coil springs. As a result of its optimized build, the M151 was capable of high maneuverability and agility and was easy to perform maintenance on.

As one of the oldest and most reliable suppliers of parts for vintage military jeeps, like the M151 “MUTT,” you can count on Army Jeep Parts to have everything you need for restoration, upkeep, repair, and more. We have an especially extensive collection of high-quality M151 “MUTT” engine parts. These engine parts can be ordered and shipped, as well as utilized in any in-house restoration operations. Our M151 “MUTT” engine part collection includes crankshaft pulleys, cylinder head gaskets, bearing rod sets, and much more.
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