M38A1 Springs Shocks

M38A1 Springs and Shocks

Depending on the vehicle’s condition, restoring M38A1 springs and shocks can require a list of gear, including grease, shock absorbers, axle bumpers, bolts, and more. To help make your time browsing for parts quick and successful, Army Jeep Parts offers many reliable Jeep components for sale.

Although the M38A1 springs and shocks are only two parts of the vehicle, they require quality components—just like everything else holding the vehicle together. In addition, the M38A1 has a notable legacy thanks to its time on the battlefield.

It is understandable when restoration enthusiasts want to rebuild this Jeep with a particular level of care and authenticity. Visit our equipment list below to find the tools you need to restore M38A1 springs and shocks successfully.

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